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Re: filmscanners: Nikon 8000ED

At 12:50 AM 7/12/01 -0700, Art wrote:

>Visible light does not need to be an LED source for dICE to work.  Acer
>2740 uses a hybrid situation, with an IR LED, but cold cathode light
>source.  Canon FS 4000 has FARE, which is also an infrared defect repair
>system and is not, to my knowledge using an LED visible lighting
>system.  Finally, the Minolta Elite doesn't use an LED visible lighting
>source, and it also has dICE.  I think the cheapest way to provide good
>IR is an LED array, but it doesn't seem to preclude use of cold cathode
>for the rest of the lighting.

You raise some interesting points here, Art.  Clearly 
there are hybrid solutions that get around the design 
compromise that I cited.

But curiously, our man from Polaroid is in ICE-denial, 
saying that his (perceived) clientele doesn't value ICE.

Nor did I, until I had a chance to work with it.

As I recall, David was in similar denial when some  
of us informed him (way, way back) that we'd really 
like a TWAIN driver for our Polaroid scanners.

rafe b.


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