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Re: filmscanners: Primefilm 1800i

For those interested in buying their very first film 
scanner, or trading up from an existing model, I humbly 
suggest eBay as a source of very good deals, particularly 
at the moment -- where new market entries from several 
major vendors are causing a lot of turnover in equipment.

If you're unsure of which model to buy, use the web 
to get a feel for the various models -- there are many 
review sites, comments on usenet forums, and so on.  
Bear in mind that there will be a lot of hype, both 
pro and con, on almost any model.  Take the more 
extreme opinions with a large grain of salt.

To search usenet archives, go to www.deja.com.

Usenet groups that discuss scanners include (for 
example) comp.periphs.scanners, rec.photo.equipment.35mm, 
and rec.photo.equipment.medium-format.

Sites that offer reviews of various film scanners 
(either by columnists, or by the public) can be 
found via the usual web-search engines.  One of 
the better ones I've stumbled into recently is 

I've personally had only good luck buying photo gear 
on eBay.  Standard caveats apply, of course.  Choose 
your sellers carefully, read the fine print, and ask 
appropriate questions before you bid.

rafe b.


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