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Re: filmscanners: OT: Whose dis-sin' who?

Well, first of all, I was saying most of us are just as smart and rich
as the average Joe, but not necessarily moreso, so I guess you're at
least that, but, only you know if you fit the box or not ;-) 

And I'm not referring to Joe Average either, which is the moniker taken
by a very up and coming artist from this area of the world.  Here in
Canada, the average guy is referred to by some as "Joe six-pack" (I
assume that refers to the beverage distribution system and not abdominal
muscles) ;-).


Lawrence Smith wrote:
> Wait a minute!  Are you saying that I might NOT be smarter and richer than
> the average Joe!?  Damn, all this time those adds have been manipulating me
> and i might just be an average schmoe after all.  I think i'm going to
> cry....
> Lawrence
> > They stroke
> > the egos of people who already made a buying decision.  They say, "you
> > are unique, or special, or smarter or richer than the average Joe.  You
> > know how to make good purchasing decisions."
> >


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