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RE: filmscanners: Silverfast and LS1000

>The software for Nikon scanners doesn't support the feature. You don't need
>the feature, you can ignore this section of the manual, which is written to
>cover ALL supported scanners. For the LS30/2000 IV/4000 and 8000 there is a
>Nikon specific addendum on the CD

Ian, your tutorials are excellent!!  I did read that the features were not
supported by Nikon, But I thought that there would be at least some of the
selections available in Negative mode.

As for the LS1000, no addendum is included on the CD, nor is the LS1000
included in the list of scanner profile choices in the CMS window.

The images(underwater) I scan require some serious tweaking. The deep blue
color of the Tropical Pacific ends up bright green.

My cheap Acer 2720s produces realistic colors without much adjustment, but I
miss the multiple scanning features found in Silverfast AI. If Lasersoft has
decided to give up on the LS1000, I hope that a version may soon be
available for the Acer.

Will try Vuescan this weekend. Hope to get some decent results.

> These being post scan color corrections, I do not see why they would be
> omitted from the Nikon version.

>Because when LaserSoft tried to make the feature work they failed,

> I have already contacted my "friends" at Silverfast and ask them about
> why this features are not included in 5,2 as described.
> The answer will come soon

I have sent a inquiry to Lasersoft as well. Hope to find a solution to the

Chris Bangs


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