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Re: filmscanners: Silverfast and LS1000

Thanks for the answer. I have not seen any film profiles during the years I 
have used Silverscan but the pdf file in 5.2 can confuse people.

Best regards Mikael Risedal

>From: Ian Lyons <ilyons@msn.com>
>Reply-To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>To: <Filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
>Subject: filmscanners: Silverfast and LS1000
>Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2001 18:48:46 +0100
> > When selecting negative mode in silverfast, I do not get the Film type 
> > Exposure window as described in Ian Lyons Tutorial. Am I missing 
> >
>My tutorial makes it quite clear that Nikon scanners do NOT use the 
>scanning feature as shown in the tutorial. Paragraph 2 :-
>"SilverFast AI 5 for the Polaroid SS4000/120 has a special routine built-in
>for dealing with the coloured mask found on virtually all negative films.
>This routine is common to all the other scanner models supported by
>LaserSoft, except those by Nikon. Although, many of the messages I receive
>regarding SilverFast and negative scanning relate to the fact that
>SilverFast does not include film specific profiles, I will demonstrate
>these profiles are not really necessary."
> > Silverfast maybe have a written software to Polaroid SS 4000 scanner who
> > are including film profiles.
>Not sure that I understand what this means, but SilverFast does NOT use 
> > In the documentation which is included on the Silverfast AI CD, A 
> > window should appear upon selecting "negative" as a film choice. from 
> > about 6 general "brand" film types (Agfa/Kodak 1,2,3/Fuji 1,2,) and 3
> > general choices Monochrome/standard/linear can be selected. Yet another
> > control is shown for exposure.
> >
>The software for Nikon scanners doesn't support the feature. You don't need
>the feature, you can ignore this section of the manual, which is written to
>cover ALL supported scanners. For the LS30/2000 IV/4000 and 8000 there is a
>Nikon specific addendum on the CD
> > These being post scan color corrections, I do not see why they would be
> > omitted from the Nikon version.
>Because when LaserSoft tried to make the feature work they failed,
> > I have already contacted my "friends" at Silverfast and ask them about
> > why this features are not included in 5,2 as described.
> > The answer will come soon
>Big :-)
>Ian Lyons

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