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filmscanners: Silverfast and LS1000

> When selecting negative mode in silverfast, I do not get the Film type and
> Exposure window as described in Ian Lyons Tutorial. Am I missing something?

My tutorial makes it quite clear that Nikon scanners do NOT use the negative
scanning feature as shown in the tutorial. Paragraph 2 :-

"SilverFast AI 5 for the Polaroid SS4000/120 has a special routine built-in
for dealing with the coloured mask found on virtually all negative films.
This routine is common to all the other scanner models supported by
LaserSoft, except those by Nikon. Although, many of the messages I receive
regarding SilverFast and negative scanning relate to the fact that
SilverFast does not include film specific profiles, I will demonstrate
these profiles are not really necessary."

> Silverfast maybe have a written software to Polaroid SS 4000 scanner who
> are including film profiles.

Not sure that I understand what this means, but SilverFast does NOT use film

> In the documentation which is included on the Silverfast AI CD, A floating
> window should appear upon selecting "negative" as a film choice. from there
> about 6 general "brand" film types (Agfa/Kodak 1,2,3/Fuji 1,2,) and 3
> general choices Monochrome/standard/linear can be selected. Yet another
> control is shown for exposure.

The software for Nikon scanners doesn't support the feature. You don't need
the feature, you can ignore this section of the manual, which is written to
cover ALL supported scanners. For the LS30/2000 IV/4000 and 8000 there is a
Nikon specific addendum on the CD

> These being post scan color corrections, I do not see why they would be
> omitted from the Nikon version.

Because when LaserSoft tried to make the feature work they failed,

> I have already contacted my "friends" at Silverfast and ask them about
> why this features are not included in 5,2 as described.
> The answer will come soon

Big :-)

Ian Lyons


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