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Re: filmscanners: Time to upgrade: Opinions wanted

> So what did you finally choose, Peter?  And _are_ you happy with it (so
> far)?

I am tempted to purchase SS4000. I was happy with HP S20 and after some time
I was not so happy (I grew up). Regardless what you get there will be time
when you look at the new technology available and you will be thinking
selling whatever you had to get the new stuff.

> I shoot color slide film (velvia and provia 100--leaning toward
> standardizing on the latter) and b&w print (everything, from delta to
> to agfa to tri-x, but I'm considering standardizing on the C41-processed
> super), and my oldests slides/negs are only a year or so old, and all are
> kept in sleeves and boxed carousels so I imagine they are pretty clean.

That is why I do not care about those new dust removing and whatever
restoring technologies. Good move from Nikon to implement them, SS4000 does
not have them. :)

> I'd thought I'd start with the Nikon LS-40 (Coolscan IV), since it's the
> cheapest of the three I'm considering, but Ed and others have hinted that
> doesn't have high enough resolution for slide film--and I'm more concerned
> about those than the negatives since I'm comfortable enough in a darkroom
> for b&w work.

It does have enough resolution. I have seen very nice 8x10 prints with even
lower resolution. SS4000 gives you all you can currently get under $1500.

I am assuming, IV is a smaller brother of big 4000 and SS4000 stands pretty
close to 4000 so SS4000 is a better choice for me. SS4000 cost as much as IV
and half of 4000.

> So that brings me to the LS 4000 vs. SS 4000: the same decision (no doubt)
> that many have faced.  The fact that my slides and negatives aren't
> scratched (not that I know of, anyway) and that the price of the SS is
> a bit lower than the LS, has me now leaning toward the Polaroid.  The only
> concern is the lower DMax and the lack of a batch feeder, but I can
> live with both of those limitations.

I do not want to spend so much for the scanner. I am not a PRO! So the only
question form me is IV or SS4000. I excluded many scanners because there is
not enough reviews, comparisons

I am just waiting for the price to drop even more. :) Probably not....


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