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RE: filmscanners: Time to upgrade: Opinions wanted

> I thank all of you for participating. I believe I found answers to most of
> my questions. Only time will show if I am going to be happy with
> my choice.

So what did you finally choose, Peter?  And _are_ you happy with it (so

I shoot color slide film (velvia and provia 100--leaning toward
standardizing on the latter) and b&w print (everything, from delta to t-max
to agfa to tri-x, but I'm considering standardizing on the C41-processed XP2
super), and my oldests slides/negs are only a year or so old, and all are
kept in sleeves and boxed carousels so I imagine they are pretty clean.

I'd thought I'd start with the Nikon LS-40 (Coolscan IV), since it's the
cheapest of the three I'm considering, but Ed and others have hinted that it
doesn't have high enough resolution for slide film--and I'm more concerned
about those than the negatives since I'm comfortable enough in a darkroom
for b&w work.

So that brings me to the LS 4000 vs. SS 4000: the same decision (no doubt)
that many have faced.  The fact that my slides and negatives aren't
scratched (not that I know of, anyway) and that the price of the SS is quite
a bit lower than the LS, has me now leaning toward the Polaroid.  The only
concern is the lower DMax and the lack of a batch feeder, but I can probably
live with both of those limitations.

Hmmm.  Did I just make up my mind? :)



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