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Re: filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: Films for scanning

Ebay is great.  I use it semi-regularly, but I have to say it can be a 
real PITA for people outside of the US.  Firstly, I'd guess at least 95% 
of the sellers will not sell to or ship out of the US.  The ones that 
do, charge huge fees to service clients out of the US.

Further, there appears to be an attitude that once they have your money, 
they can ship the item packaged in any manner they wish...

Of my last 3 purchases, (in the last month) two refused to ship to 
Canada, and I had to have them ship to my US drop off address.  Both 
shipments arrived damaged due to improper packaging (one went UPS one 
went USPS Priority Post).  One item was shipped direct here, and arrived 
intact, but only because I insisted on double boxing.

Customs problems and delays and duty costs abound.  Saying that ebay is 
a viable method of making purchases from outside the US is a bit like 
telling Timothy McViegh that Canada doesn't have the death penalty. 
(yeah, I know you can't tell him anything anymore, and that's part of my 


rafeb wrote:

> At 01:37 PM 6/14/01 +1000, you wrote:
>> Rafe wrote:
>>> Look at the bright side.  You can buy a used SprintScan 
>>> Plus on eBay right now for about 1/4 of what a new one 
>>> used to cost, about 2 years ago.
>> If you happen to live in the USA. :)  Still AFAIK the retail price of the
>> SS4000 has come down from its original price.  I'm not sure how the slide
>> of the AUD has affected the local cost though.
> In terms of US $$, you have the same access to eBay 
> prices as everyone else, right?  The exchange rate of 
> AUS $$ to US $$ is another matter.  But the sharp 
> decline in used-scanner prices is for real.
> IMHO, eBay is a wonderful resource for photographers 
> on a budget.
> rafe b.


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