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filmscanners: Diffused scanners...

At 04:43 AM 6/14/01, Rob Geraghty wrote in another thread (films for scanning):

>Silver based B&W films do not scan at all well with the LS30; at least
>none I've tried do.  A scanner with a more diffuse light source would
>probably be better, especially given that ICE doesn't work with such

Often, I believe we are too concerned with overkill in specs.  Rob's remark 
triggered a question in my mind.  Assuming you are satisfied with 1024 
pixel width on a computer monitor, which of the film scanners are still 
available somewhere, with at least some diffusion in the light source, that 
will do an adequate job with typical b&w and color negatives and 
slides...with say VueScan...for 35mm...for 6 x 7...and for 4 x 5...not 
necessarily with the same scanner.

I have over 50 year experience of working with enlargers of "tens of 
breeds" with b&w and color negatives.  I know from my experience that some 
invent problems that hardly exist.

I am reminded of the remark of the master photographer that heard someone 
complain about the grain in their prints.  His remark was:  "then...make 
smaller prints."

Marvin Demuth


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