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Re: filmscanners: Colour fix problem

At 16:11 9/06/01 -0700, you wrote:
>1. use the eyedropper to sample a midtone that contains the color cast
>     (I used a point on the MIG's fuselage between the wing and the number)
>2. fill a new layer with the sampled color and invert the layer
>3. change the layers blend mode to 'color' and reduce opacity to suit (~50%)
>Bob Wright

That was excellent - I feel a bit dumb not thinking of that myself. Part of
the problem of course was the the pic shows significant vignetting (^$%#&$
el cheapo w/a zooms on P & S cameras!). The problem I had encountered
before was that as I dialled in magenta to fix the centre, the edges went
magenta on me because of the density diff.

The solution was to sample the cast as you did at the center AND in the
corner (call it step 2a). Then make up a layer with a circular gradient
fill and invert that. I did this in Photo Deluxe aka PS Lite ....

    Cheers Ian Boag


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