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filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: High Capacity Storage (was CD RW Deal)

Bob Kehl wrote:
> I think you're absolutely right about CD's having more
> format longevity than Iomega products.  But I figure
> in five years, or maybe 10, we'll have be able to get
> 10 terabyte?? raid arrays with mirroring for a few
> hundred bucks and we'll transfer all our Iomega's or
> CD's or DVD's or whatever to live online hot swappable
> secure storage.  (how much is a terabyte, anyways).

Which is fine provided that your Iomega drive still
works, and the company is still in existence, and
it's supported in your OS.  My point was more that
DVD drives will be with us for a while, and they can
read CDR, which gives CDR a reasonable technological

> My point being that CD's are a good bet for long
> term storage  if you don't mind having a few
> thousand of them around.

They're easier to put in folders than other types of
high density storage (except DVD-RAM).  While others
have said that the slip-sheet method of storing a CDR
is more likely to scratch them, how often will you
actually take them out?

> (You can't fit very many 4000dpi TIF scans on a CD).

I can't even get 24 raw scans on a CD from my LS30.

> But maybe there's a better short term solution to
> get us over the hump waiting for high capacity
> storage to get as cheap as CD's have become.

Maybe, but the cost per MB of CDR is hard to beat at
the moment.  Someone else suggested setting up hard
drives in hot swap configuration which is probably
an excellent idea.  I prefer to have my data on a
write-once medium though.  Kind of like making tape

But what's right for you is quite likely to what is
right for me.


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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