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Re: filmscanners: Fast, decent, low res scans

I worked for nearly a year with an unterminated SCSI bus (card-to-Acer, nothing 
out) with no problems that I could recognize. After I started having 
unexplainable (and unreproducible) problems, I bought and installed a 
terminator for about $30 US. I would not swear so in court, but the terminator 
*might* have helped. Or it might not have--I'm not sure how one tells the 
difference. For my apps, it was very slight.

Best regards--LRA

Best regards--LRA

On Mon, 11 Jun 2001 16:40:09  
 Richard N. Moyer wrote:
>>On Wed, 06 Jun 2001 18:33:43 -0400  Lynn Allen (lynn_allen@angelfire.com)
>>>  Ouch! I don't think that I, for one, realized that Phil's G4 wouldn't
>>>  use a standard SCISI card. Aparently, Acer didn't, either.
>>Acer used a SCSI card which didn't require a terminator, so almost
>>certainly was not-quite-standard at all.
>Note necessarily. Many scanners have auto termination built into 
>their twin connectors (inside the box). Which allows you to simply 
>connect the cable and leave the other SCSI connector "open". I think 
>most devices have built in termination so that the hap hazard users 
>won't blow their SCSI cards, or motherboards (in the case of Apple). 
>Either this, or they gave you a terminator, which was a small 50 pin 
>plug-in device that had two L.E.D.s on it. In any event, you don't 
>want to leave a SCSI bus unterminated. Ever.
>>Tony Sleep
>>http://www.halftone.co.uk - Online portfolio & exhibit; + film scanner
>>info & comparisons

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