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RE: filmscanners: OT advertising footers

Hi, shAf--

You're right, I have absolutely no control over what my mail service does to my 
messages. I *DO* have a measure of control over what message service I use, 
OTOH, and Lycos is soon to be History.  :-)

Thanks for pointing out the vagaries of "commercial" mail-boxes to one and all. 
I suspected it wasn't "My Own True Love" from the very beginning, but tried to 
give them a chance. So much for trying to be fair. ;-)

Best regards--LRA

On Mon, 11 Jun 2001 12:10:52  
 shAf wrote:
>Lynn Allen always includes ...
>> ...
>> Get 250 color bus_ness cards for FRE_!
>> http://businesscards.lycos.com/vp/fastpath/
>> ...
>       I have absolute no objection to such footers ... quite innocuous
>really, but I thought you ought to be made aware ... my e-mail client
>checks for keywords (which I crippled above), and all your e-mail
>shows up flagged in hot pink.  I choose it to be flagged, but many
>others will configure their software to send such e-mails straight to
>trash directory.
>       I do realize you must have little control over the footers, but I
>still thought you should know.
>shAf  :o)

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