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RE: filmscanners: Any insight on H.P. vs Epson printers

Lynn Allen wrote:

(This is a delayed response)

Disclaimer:  I used to work for HP, but not in the printer/scanner 
divisions.  My only connection is being a (not very satisfied) customer
and as a supplier of components to the scanners and printer 

> Dan wrote:
> >I am looking to buy another printer. I currently have an HP970cxi which
> > has PhotoREt III technology (HP's latest three color + black) and I
> > think it prints great. I have not seen a side by side comparison of the
> > HP's vs the Epson's.
> This is my first opportunity to "sound off" on this issue, but after only
> 18
> months my "loyal" HP Scanjet 6300 is giving me trouble--it needs a good
> cleaning, but their engineers deliberately made it very hard to take
> apart.
> That, IMHO, is bad engineering. So, for that matter, is a product that
> can't
> go beyond 18 months without expensive service (changing oil in a car
> notwithstanding)!

The top of the SJ6300 can be removed easily if you pry out the oval shaped
screw covers near the front (beside the glass panel).  I had to do it
when the new scanner arrived with a layer of paper dust on the inside.

> My point being, re buying an HP printer, is "Caveat Emptor." While HP may
> have a new CEO, their Customer Service is still very "In Your Face." They
> don't want to hear from you to begin with--they have no wats lines, so
> it's
> all toll calls; first there's an endless recorded "menu" and then you're
> on
> endless hold. They also have 900 numbers at $2.50 per minute, or you can
> opt
> for the flat $25 charge. Once the 90-day warranty is up, they don't help
> at
> all.

They have turned service into a profit centre.  You buy a "service pack"
good for "x" number of calls.  Or an extended warranty.  At one stage,
they even started charging for printer driver upgrades (I believe this 
has stopped).

> While HP's printers are good (Canon manufactures them, I've heard), if you
> suspect you might need customer service in the future, you've been warned.

Actually, Canon manufactures the laser engines.  The firmware and final 
assembly is, I think currently, contracted out.  We've got several HP
Laserjets in the office, and some certainly don't deserve the "good" 
label :-(

When I worked with them on the Deskjet 890/895 and 720/722, only the 
design was done in HP, the actual manufacturing was outsourced.  I 
suspect the other major printer companies also outsource their 

Back to the original topic, I can't really compare the Epson inkjet 
performance.  My only Epson experience was the Stylus 800 
(1992 purchase), and that was an experience I don't want to repeat.


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