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RE: filmscanners: Any insight on H.P. vs Epson printers

Dan wrote:

>I am looking to buy another printer. I currently have an HP970cxi which
has PhotoREt III technology (HP's latest three color + black) and I
think it prints great. I have not seen a side by side comparison of the
HP's vs the Epson's.

This is my first opportunity to "sound off" on this issue, but after only 18
months my "loyal" HP Scanjet 6300 is giving me trouble--it needs a good
cleaning, but their engineers deliberately made it very hard to take apart.
That, IMHO, is bad engineering. So, for that matter, is a product that can't
go beyond 18 months without expensive service (changing oil in a car

My point being, re buying an HP printer, is "Caveat Emptor." While HP may
have a new CEO, their Customer Service is still very "In Your Face." They
don't want to hear from you to begin with--they have no wats lines, so it's
all toll calls; first there's an endless recorded "menu" and then you're on
endless hold. They also have 900 numbers at $2.50 per minute, or you can opt
for the flat $25 charge. Once the 90-day warranty is up, they don't help at

While HP's printers are good (Canon manufactures them, I've heard), if you
suspect you might need customer service in the future, you've been warned.

Best regards--LRA

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