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RE: filmscanners: Fast, decent, low res scans


filmscanner batch scanning low-res with auto-levels:
if you ever start thinking about filmscanners and don't want to spend too
much money initially, you should know that although 'Auto-levels' was said
to be a Photoshop thing, the Acer Scanwit software called Miraphoto also has
such a setting (called Auto-density). The Acer scans quite fast using lower
dpi settings (e.g. 675dpi), its own scanner software allows batch scanning,
but only to an application I believe. Vuescan is not too expensive and can
help you a lot there. However, batch scanning is only done in batches of six
negatives or four framed dias. It would be good to have 2 slideholders and 2
filmholders for faster batch scanning. 
The Acer Scanwit 2720S has no ICE and the 2740S has, but I don't know if you
will need ICE scanning at such low resolutions for the specific purpose that
you mentioned. The Acer scanwits come with their own SCSI card (at least the
2720S does).
I don't recommend any filmscanner cheaper than the Acer 2720S for your job.

Future other use:
If you ever want to use your scanner for other purposes (full res scanning
etc., full quality), then you are better off with another more expensive
scanner with ICE or FARE (dust removal algorithms), since the Acers have
hardware imposed limitations to the exposure of R,G and B channels (so I've
heard) and can therefore not properly expose negatives and dust is always a
time-consuming problem.

Batch scanning whole films:
If somehow you decide you have more money available then there is a Kodak
scanner that allows you to scan whole filmstrips of 36 frames at a time. It
does not follow your budged though.

Budget flatbed scanners that do film too:
I have no idea here, what the prices are, but I believe there are some Epson
flatbeds that do a good job, and I recently saw an ad in Popular Photography
on a Canon flatbed that does 2400x4800ppi and I believe that was optical. I
don't think it is cheap though.



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