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RE: filmscanners: Any insight on H.P. vs Epson printers

Lawrence wrote:

>The top of the SJ6300 can be removed easily if you pry out the oval shaped
screw covers near the front (beside the glass panel).  I had to do it when
the new scanner arrived with a layer of paper dust on the inside.

Thanks, Lawrence--that's the answer HP should have provided, but they
didn't! :-(

I finally figured out that the oval covers with holes in them were *not* for
the purpose of depressing nasty spring-loaded retainer clips. They're just
covers. The screws are designed for star-drivers, but a metric Allen wrench
will work (and yes, I totally see the irony, here). It's a bit confusing for
the technically-impaired, like me. ;-)

Cleaning the underside of the glass (which HP urges you not to do, for some
reason) cleared up about 1/3rd of the problem, but I still get
color-banding. I suspect the lamp, but HP is silent on that issue, too.

>They have turned service into a profit centre.  You buy a "service pack"
good for "x" number of calls.  Or an extended warranty.  At one stage, they
even started charging for printer driver upgrades (I believe this has

You can probably see me *burning* from where you sit! I din't "cheap out" on
this purchase--could have gotten "nearly as good" for a lot less, so I guess
I expected better. I can appreciate a company's desire to reduce costs and
increase profits, but playing "Gotcha" with customers and gouging them for
service they would normally expect in a well-designed product isn't very
smart. If this is a "trend," it could use some serious rethinking, IMHO.

> We've got several HP Laserjets in the office, and some certainly don't
deserve the "good" label :-(

I appreciate the warning and the input. Thanks.

Best regards--LRA

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