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RE: filmscanners: OK, Vuescan is driving me nuts

Rob wrote:

>Am I the only one who has problems with the crop outline in Vuescan?

>The autocrop doesn't always eliminate strips of black at the edges of a
frame, and including them can greatly affect the exposure.

>Has anyone else experienced this?  I'd have to say that the behaviour of
the crop box outline is the most frustrating feature of Vuescan.

I'm probably being a bit of a "Philistine" here, but I've never let Vuescan
be the "Last Call" for my images--that right is reserved for me, because
it's my d*mned computer and they're my d*mned photos! I *always* do the
touchup in another program, and I'm leaning toward doing *all* of the
color-correction from Raw scans there, too. Not that Vuescan's
correction-algorithms aren't good (they definitely are), but because with
the diversity of the shots I take and/or have taken, one size does *not* fit
all. Batch scanning, when I can do it at all, usually turns out better from
Raw scans, since each picture is different and adjusting every one in
Vuescan is...well, you've been there.

So clipping and cropping the borders is a minor thing. I never save a
Vuescan "crop" in JPEG, always in TIFF, because it's been shown that the
more JPEG saves you make of an image, the more pictorial information (data)
you lose, and retouching a TIFF is much easier and more accurate. One
scan-driver I sometimes use saves everything in a bit-map form of GIF. I can
work with it, but I'd rather have a choice in the matter.

In a positive mode, I think that, somehow, Vuescan pumps more light through
a piece of film (it probably just slows down the scan speed, in Scanwit,
which supposedly has a "fixed" scan-rate). I wouldn't be without it
[Vuescan], but it can sometimes make you a little crazy.

Hell, do you think I've ALWAYS been this way?!! ;-)

Best regards--LRA

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