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Re: filmscanners: 48-bit batchscanning

>Is it worthwhile (storage space) to store them in 48 bit or can one use 24
>bit. I guess what I am really asking is: Is there a quality loss going from
>48 bits to 24 bits and back again to 48 bits? (in case I would want to
>adjust the images at a later stage)

If you want to make tonal and color adjustments later you're better off 
retaining 48-bit files.  Change to 24-bit is like rounding off numbers, the 
low-order data is lost: for example you can change 1.04 to 1.0 or to 1 but 
changing it back will yield 1.00. 

>Also: I would like to publish these images on the web as large thumbnails.
>Is it OK quality-wise to reduce the size in PS 6.01 or is it better to
>rescan at a lower resolution.

You should have no problem resampling down to a thumbnail size in PS, and it 
will be faster than rescanning.  

Bob Shomler


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