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Re: filmscanners: 48-bit batchscanning

I've just started 48-bits batchscanning (try to say this quickly a couple of
times) on the SS4000 in Silverfast 5.2 - following Ian Lyons' instructions
It works like a dream. The images are now coming out in gamma 2.2 (or 1,8 if
you prefer) looking very good "out of the box".

Is it worthwhile (storage space) to store them in 48 bit or can one use 24
bit. I guess what I am really asking is: Is there a quality loss going from
48 bits to 24 bits and back again to 48 bits? (in case I would want to
adjust the images at a later stage)

Also: I would like to publish these images on the web as large thumbnails.
Is it OK quality-wise to reduce the size in PS 6.01 or is it better to
rescan at a lower resolution.



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