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Re: filmscanners: Batchscanning with vuescan

le 15/05/01 18:33, Dr. Bernhard Malle  bernhard.malle@capgemini.de a
> I am using Vuescan for scanning negatives and dia slides. As I am scanning
> many negatives, I have tried to use the batch scanning
> features (scan several rolls of negatives, saving the raw data and later
> make the "real scan" from the data saved ont he disk).
> Unfortunately the red color on the negatives sometimes gets so bright, that
> I cannot use the result any more.

Hi Bernhard

I've got exactly the same problem with an HPS20 and Vuescan 6.xxx
Just try to use Vuescan version 7.019 or newer.

Ed Hamrick discovered a bug in earlier 7.xx versions and things are going
much better for me now.
I was busy and therefore just made a quick test last WE, reds might still
sometimes be too strong but not burnt anymore. A small correction in
photoshop did the job when needed.
BTW Ed  wrote yesterday that saved rawfiles  are "bugfree".
Let me know your new results.

>If I am using the "usual"
> procedure instead for scanning the negative one by one (not saving the raw
> data), everything is working real fine.

Interesting. I always work with saved rawfiles and also noticed that. I
guess it's a problem for Ed:  I still think the oversaturated reds we found
in scanning negs came from another earlier Vuescan pb.



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