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Re: filmscanners: FW: Dual Scan II - striping

Good, I'm glad I haven't fully "lost it" yet ;-)

Two comments.

1) I did some deconstruction of the jpeg image Vlad sent, and the 
banding is almost completely in the blue channel... always a weak point 
in CCD scanners.

2) The Minolta Dimage Dual Scan II is a USB product, no SCSI interface 
card involved.


Mark T. wrote:

> At 01:42 AM 24/04/01 -0700, you wrote:
>> I want to clarify if the "striping" I am seeing..
> Yes, I see exactly the same effect in the same places, but quite subtle. 
> If you run an eyedropper over the areas, you can see a small variation 
> in the RGB numbers to back it up.  So neither of you are hallucinating 
> (or maybe it's spreading!).
> So my bet would be perhaps a slight variation in illumination evenness?  
> That might be a hard one to fight as a warranty issue..  Or.. I have 
> also encountered a similar, although much more well-defined, problem 
> where another electronic item was interfering with the scanner - Have 
> you tried relocating the scanner and its cables, perhaps even trying the 
> SCSI card in another slot, if applicable..
> Good luck. :)


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