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RE: filmscanners: scanner dilemma

Pat Perez writes ...

> I recently sold my Canoscan 2710 in order to make way
> for a new film scanner. I am strictly an amatuer
> photographer, so in shopping for a new scanner, I have
> less need for a high volume production model than a
> high image quality model, though more of each is
> better.
> My  initial survey of the market led me towards the
> new Nikon Coolscan IV largely for it's ICE^3
> capability, and I figure that Genuine Fractals will
> help offset the lower resolution compared to some
> newer models out there. I am concerned about two
> issues with the IV, however: namely that it uses the
> USB interface, and it doesn't support native
> multisampling (although I will guess that Vuescan will
> allow it by moving the film as it did with my Canon).
> ...

        If multiple-sampling is important to you ... 
and for the Nikons I would suggest that it should be 
... you might want to lean towards the LS-4000 (or 
possibly a used LS-2000, which is as good as the IV 
in every respect) ... both the 2000 & 4000 offer 
multiple-sampling without multiple passes.  That is, 
when Vuescan asked my LS-2000 for a 2nd pass 
(long-exposure option, not multiple pass), the 
registration was poor.  Perfect registration will of 
course vary from scanner to scanner, but I believe 
you should accept it will change over time.

shAf  :o)


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