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Re: filmscanners: scanner dilemma

Pat:  You do not give up GEM or ROC when using Vuescan.  Vuescan has its
own version of GEM and ROC.  ROC is initiated with the restore color
box, I believe in the color tab.  If you select the cleaning option of
either Scour and Scrub, you implement the GEM function.

Many of us are hoping that Ed Hamrick will eventually separate the GEM
function from the cleaning functions with a separate selection box or
drop down..


Pat Perez wrote:

> I recently sold my Canoscan 2710 in order to make way
> for a new film scanner. I am strictly an amatuer
> photographer, so in shopping for a new scanner, I have
> less need for a high volume production model than a
> high image quality model, though more of each is
> better.
> My  initial survey of the market led me towards the
> new Nikon Coolscan IV largely for it's ICE^3
> capability, and I figure that Genuine Fractals will
> help offset the lower resolution compared to some
> newer models out there. I am concerned about two
> issues with the IV, however: namely that it uses the
> USB interface, and it doesn't support native
> multisampling (although I will guess that Vuescan will
> allow it by moving the film as it did with my Canon).
> But using Vuescan means I give up Digital ROC and GEM
> (but adds it's own version of ICE). The Coolscan
> 4000ED of course alleviates these concerns at
> approximately double the price (stretching my budget).
> I have been considering the new Canon 4000, which has
> an ICE-like feature, but no ROC or GEM. The Polaroid
> SS4000, also looks tempting, as do the Kodak RFS 3600
> and the Minolta Dimage Elite.
> I shoot 35mm exclusively, slides and negs about
> equally, and have a few hundred old negatives that
> need help (faded and scratched). As I said, I am not a
> high  volume user, this is totally a hobby. That said,
> the high speed and high quality filmterms for Kodak
> film that the RFS has seems a plus, even though the
> software seems reportedly to be annoying.
> I would love to hear any thoughts/advice on how I
> should make a decision; user experiences are
> invaluable. I'm willing to spend the money for the
> 4000ED, but it really needs to fight that price hard
> to overcome such a cost disadvantage. I would like to
> purchase by late May-mid June, to have it on hand when
> two vacations I'm taking will finish.
> Thanks,
> Pat
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