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Re: filmscanners: Acer Scanwit 2720s vs 2740s vs HP s20

> Regarding your comments on Acer tech support and the included software,
> drivers, etc., have you addressed this to Honda Lo from Acer?

Yes, he's quite well aware of my concerns. He and I have exchanged several
emails. At the end of my review, I think I might have mentioned that he
seemed concerned and had promised to address all of the issues. He says the
tech support people will get more training.

If I understood him correctly, the support line is outsourced, not Acer
employees. In fact, of the three support agents I've talked to, none of them
had ever seen a 2740 or MiraPhoto 2.0. One of them had a 2720 on their desk.
The others, I think, were just reading from a script. They were not aware,
for example, that the 2740 shipped with MiraPhoto 2.0. They suggested I
download the "latest" version, which they claimed was 1.10.

> I have no vested interest in Acer, but I like seeing the small upstart
> make inroads, especially when they have priced themselves very
> competitively, and seem to make a basically robust product.

I agree with you on this one. I too favor upstart companies with big ideas.
Acer has also been working on a number of interesting PDA concepts, another
area which is dear to my heart.

> Lastly, what is the street price in the US on the Acer 2470s these days?

I've seen it in a few stores for $599, and online for IIRC as little as
$539. I bought it from a local store for $599 because they had a 30-day
return policy (just in case). The 30 days have long expired, but the 2740 is
still sitting here. I like it in spite of its flaws. And it works quite well
if you throw out MiraPhoto and use VueScan instead.

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