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re: filmscanners: Acer Scanwit 2720s vs 2740s vs HP s20

This is a "Me Too" response, but Alan's right. I've been on the Scanwit
2720S for just about a year, as well. I don't have anything to actually
compare it with except my HP 6300C flatbed, which doesn't do film well at
all, even at 1200dpi, if there's any sort of problem with the exposure.
Scanwit is not terribly good at exposure correction, either, if we get right
down to it.

Scanwit comes bundled with Photoshop-LE (Limited Edition), which is
certainly an "adequate" program. For an additional $499(US) you can get the
full version, which will run you a bit more than the scanner itself, and
probably is not necessary unless you're doing critical professionl work--in
which case, you should be prepared to spend a lot more than you would on a
Scanwit of any flavor.

Is ICE worth the extra time and money? I'm not privey to the program, nor to
GEM or ROC, so I can't answer. Can I clean a slide in 5 minutes? Sometimes,
if it's clean and isn't a disaster. But since I'm doing archiving of old
slides, I get a *lot* of "disasters."  So I should answer, "Good Luck!"

Is Acer Scanwit good? With little to compare it to except the views of
others, I'd say, "Yes, it's good, for what it is and what it costs." Beyond
that, you'll have to judge for yourself. I have *heard* that the 2740S  with
IR capability has a few problems, and in my experience Acer's support is
largely limited to replacing your machine--which isn't altogether bad, for
that matter. They're sincere, and their problems don't seem any worse than
the "Big Kid's" problems, although the others sound easier to use,

That's my 2-cent's worth.

Best regards--LRA

------Original Message------
From: Alan Womack <arwbackup@worldnet.att.net>
To: Majordomo leben.com <Filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: April 21, 2001 8:04:59 PM GMT
Subject: re: filmscanners: Acer Scanwit 2720s vs 2740s vs HP s20


There are quite a few scanwit owners on the filmscanners list, but general
opinion questions I've noticed don't turn up a whole bunch of answers.

Personally I am getting quite qwick at fixing dust and scratches on my
slides and negatives in Photoshop.  If you do not have photoshop, I would
put it VERY high on the list.  The reason being the manipulation after the
scan will take many times longer than the scan itself.

When I started I could not get good scans on some of the negs and slides,
but now that I have nearly a year under my belt and hundreds of hours in
Photoshop, I would consider myself quite proficient for a hobby.  I can dust
spot and neg or slide in about 5 minutes or less.  Therefore I put the
personaly worth of ICE at about $100.00.

In my opinion, whatever film scanner you buy, VUESCAN is a must from
www.hamrick.com.  And especially on the ScanWit as Mira Photo is weak.

Grain aliasing is a problem with all the 2700 dpi scanners, the 2900 _might_
be a little better.  4000 dpi don't seem to suffer much.  This is the single
biggest issue with the Scanwit, the optics are very sharp.


>>  am new to the filmscanner world, so please bear with the newbie

>>  I'm considering either the Acer Scanwit 2720s or the 2740s.  My
>>  after reading the specs, is that the 2740s is 2720s+ICE.  Did I miss
>>  anything?

>>  Would like opinions/experiences of whether the ICE was worth the price.
>>  Otherwise, for the 2720s, how much effort did you take to touch up
>>  any negative defects (assuming minor blemishes).

>>  If you have a 2720s, would you (on hindsight) have bought the
>>  2740s?

>>  The other unit I'm considering is HP's s20, but on features, stacks
>>  up with the 2720, and is much more expensive here.

>>  Thanks
>>  Lawrence

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