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Re: filmscanners: Acer Scanwit 2720s vs 2740s vs HP s20


Thanks for the review on the Acer 2470s scanner, I think it will be 
useful info for many people, and as you stated, you are the only one I 
have seen who has reported on first hand use with it on the list.

Regarding your comments on Acer tech support and the included software, 
drivers, etc., have you addressed this to Honda Lo from Acer?  I think 
this is exactly the type of info and feedback he asked for here.  I'd 
suggest you let him know of your concerns.  If you need his email 
address I have it on file.

I have no vested interest in Acer, but I like seeing the small upstart 
make inroads, especially when they have priced themselves very 
competitively, and seem to make a basically robust product.  It seems 
valuable to everyone who has issues, to address them to Acer through 
Honda, because he, at least, sounded genuinely interested in trying to 
improve their products.

Lastly, what is the street price in the US on the Acer 2470s these days?


Todd Radel wrote:

> I recently bought the Acer 2740S to scan hundreds of old slides and
> negatives that haven't been well stored. I've been an enthusiastic amateur
> photographer all my life, but I'm fairly new to filmscanning. I like the
> 2740 but I'm not nearly as critical as most of the others on this list. I
> don't mean critical in a bad way. I've gotten many decent, but not perfect,
> scans from my 2740 that I'm happy with. For me this is a hobby, but many of
> the list members here are pros who demand perfection in their work, thus
> they're much more aware of a scanner's faults than I am.


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