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Re: filmscanners: Acer Scanwit 2720s vs 2740s vs HP s20

ar164ts@gmx.net wrote:

> Hi all,
> am new to the filmscanner world, so please bear with the newbie questions.
> I'm considering either the Acer Scanwit 2720s or the 2740s.  My perception
> after reading the specs, is that the 2740s is 2720s+ICE.  Did I miss
> anything?
> Would like opinions/experiences of whether the ICE was worth the price.
> Otherwise, for the 2720s, how much effort did you take to touch up 
> any negative defects (assuming minor blemishes).
> If you have a 2720s, would you (on hindsight) have bought the 
> 2740s?
> The other unit I'm considering is HP's s20, but on features, stacks 
> up with the 2720, and is much more expensive here.
> Thanks
> Lawrence

Dear Lawrence,

Below is part of a public posting from Honda Lo, a representative with
Acer scanners, which was addressed to Tony Sleep (owner of this list) 
regarding the differences between 2720S and 2740S film scanners.

Dear Tony,
           in fact, 2740S compare to 2720S, we improved the A/D from 
12bit to 14bit ( all they use ADI product, the best in the suppliers ) 
to try to get more clear data come in. The other hand is co-work with 
ASF to have ICE function inside, due to we're not using LED light as our 
light-source, so we need to scan twice to check the place of dust & 
scratch. In the S/W, we also improve our MiraPhoto from 1.x to 2.0, 
especially in Auto-Density function get more easier and also add Mac 
driver to use. ( Of course, for the expert MiraFhoto is not good enough ).

Best Regards,
Honda Lo
Product Manager / Sales of acer Film Scanner
acer Communication & Multimedia / PGA

In regard to the HP S-20,  I have one (and with replacements, more). 
 From everything I've read about the Acer 2720, and from my own 
experience with the Photosmart scanner(s) I would not keep it on your 
list.  It has poorer shadow detail than the Acer, it has a lot of 
extraneous mechanics which have no benefit these days, due to the 5x7" 
reflective scanning ability at 300 dpi (something most flatbeds costing 
under $100 have surpassed years ago).  The software is just OK, the 
scans tend to be too red (for slides).  It is slow, and there is little 
today to recommend it at the amount they are asking for.  It had a USB 
interfacing, which makes it a bit easier to configure, but not much. 
The Acer comes with the SCSI card you need, so as long as you have the 
slot space on your motherboard, or already have a SCSI card, you don't 
have any problem, and may have some benefit.

The other scanners in the same price range that are worth considering 
are the Minolta Dimage Dual Scan II and the Canoscan FS2710.

The Acer seems to be a very good value, and the 2740S is certainly the 
least expensive scanner with digital ICE on the market, if that is 
something you desire.  A number of people use the Acer scanners on this 
and other lists. I'm sure some will chime in with their more experienced 



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