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Re: filmscanners: Newbie question alert: you asked for it...

1. I would suggest you get familiar with the scanner and workflow by using the 
software at first... it's extremely user friendly... you may find you won't 
need to
master Vuescan...
2. I have  Scan Elite and use it for color negs... I use the 16 bit linear scan 
(which imports the neg into Photoshop as a neg) with ICE turned on and number 
of passes
set for 2 (unless I am dealing with a particularly dirty neg, then I increase 
the number
of passes)
For largest image size at 300DPI out, use the max scan DPI of 2820 with 300 DPI 
3. I always use PhotoShop's TWAIN import to get the scan from the scanner into 
This opens the Minolta software within PShop...This scan will take several 
(depending on the number of passes)
4. Don't use your computer for anything else while the scan is running.. when 
the scan
has completed, you will have a negative image (if you are scanning negs ) in
Photoshop.... you can then close the Minolta software and either save the neg 
(which I do in any case) or work on it as a 16 bit file, then convert it to 8 
bits for
final output... I always save my 16 bit corrected file, and the final 8 bit file
If you are working with negs, let me know and I will summarize how I am dealing 
those in PShop to get a good positive image without going through too many 
gyrations in
color correction, etc.

Mike M.

"Kurt Simpson (Dual Sport News)" wrote:

> Based on list discussion I had a Minolta Scan Elite over-nighted to my door. 
>I spent
> the afternoon and evening trying to get it to run on two different SCSI 
> only to discover in a conversation with tech support that it installed 
>correctly (it
> shows with a ? in device manager)..curious but ok. I purchased Vuescan and am 
> trying to learn the ropes. I've tried scanning with ICE and w/o and am 
>elated. The
> scanner with the IR channel is such an improvement over the HP Photosmart.
> What I'm looking for is a primer on initial settings and a guide to workflow. 
> suggestions are appreciated.
> Kurt Simpson
> Editor
> Dual Sport News


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