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Re: filmscanners: MDSD2

Re: Emulsion side up or down... it really doesn't matter as far as I can tell...
all you have to do is flip the image in PShop or whatever program you're using.

Mike M.

Rome wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Finally got my Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II back from the shop, a new
> replacement actually. Seems to be working this time. The Italian's came
> through okay. That's what I was worried about, as in the past I've heard
> quite a few horror stories about stores in Italy who won't exchange faulty
> goods. But as it's turned out okay, then in good faith, I'm now happy to
> give the dealer a plug:
> If you're ever in Rome, Italy and need a good, well-stocked, pro-oriented
> photography or digital imaging dealer, go to -
> Fotoforniture Guido Sabatini
> Via Germanico, 168/a
> Tel: 063207278
> Fax: 063210304
> They also have a website at:
> http://imago.tin.it/sabatini/
> though it's difficult to pull any solid information about stock or prices
> off this site.  Anyway, visit if you're in town. Their prices are a little
> weird - Incredibly expensive for some things (over book price!!), but really
> bargain priced for others. My Minolta was about 25 percent less than it
> would have cost me in England, so they do have some good deals. But they do
> have a huge stock (lighting, everything) and a separate digital department.
> They supply the local movie industry (at CineCitta) too, so it's the closest
> thing you'll find to B&H in Rome, as far as I know.
> Incidentally, I'm getting a little sick of having to type the whole of
> 'Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II' each time. Sort of a mouthful that you
> wouldn't have thought was very good for marketing purposes would you? Either
> I save it in autotext, or else let's start calling it the MDSD2 huh?
> What I'd really like to know now, is if the question that someone asked last
> week on the list has been aswered yet, about which way up the negs are
> supposed to go in the DSD2 film holder. The manual booklet says emulsion
> side up, the pdf manual is diffrently worded but even more emphatic about
> putting them in emulsion up - yet logic says it should be emulsion side
> down. Which is it?
> Bye,
> Adam


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