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filmscanners: Re: MDSD2 which way up?

Michael Moore wrote:

> Re: Emulsion side up or down... it really doesn't matter as far as I can
> tell...
> all you have to do is flip the image in PShop or whatever program you're
> using.

Well I can't tell much difference myself either, I've done traditional
darkroom work with an enlarger, and I know that it usually doesn't make a
difference, but I would have thought that with these electronic slide
scanners having such fine tolerances and narrow depth of field, it might
make a difference to focus straight onto the emulsion, or to focus onto the
emulsion through the depth of the celluloid. I'd sooner focus straight onto
the emulsion just to make sure. So does the scanning light come from the
bottom or the top of the scanner? The slide carrier is nearer to the top of
the casing, suggesting that the light comes from the bottom (where there is
more room for it). In this case, it might be best to load the film emulsion
side down, but this is the opposite to what Minolta say in the manual. Also
significant that Minolta's advice renders the images wrong way round. I know
I can flip them in PhotoShop, but it's odd that they'd be reversed in the
first place, like a TLR camera. These days there's no obvious excuse for
software having that kind of quirk.
And although it seems not to matter which way up the emulsion is, Minolta
make a point of recommending one way over the other. I think we'll have to
ask Minolta.

> Rome wrote:

>> What I'd really like to know now, is if the question that someone asked last
>> week on the list has been aswered yet, about which way up the negs are
>> supposed to go in the DSD2 film holder. The manual booklet says emulsion
>> side up, the pdf manual is diffrently worded but even more emphatic about
>> putting them in emulsion up - yet logic says it should be emulsion side
>> down. Which is it?

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