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Re: filmscanners: Newbie question alert: you asked for it...


The dreaded "?"    :-<  I had the same problem. It's a common Windows
thing. When new hardware is installed, Windows needs to see an .inf file
for the new device to so it can determine what the device is, how to set
it up etc. The device may still work correctly, but Windows can't
identify it correctly.
I have an .inf file that Ed Hamrick wrote that takes care of this. 

I'll try attaching it to this post, hopefully the list software won't
strip it off. If it does, email me and I'll send it to you direct.

I think the San Elite was a good choice. That'll be my next scanner
unless something more attractive comes along before I get the $$ for the
purchase. Too many other hobbies.....  :-)


"Kurt Simpson (Dual Sport News)" wrote:
> Based on list discussion I had a Minolta Scan Elite over-nighted to my door. 
>I spent
> the afternoon and evening trying to get it to run on two different SCSI 
> only to discover in a conversation with tech support that it installed 
>correctly (it
> shows with a ? in device manager)..curious but ok. I purchased Vuescan and am 
> trying to learn the ropes. I've tried scanning with ICE and w/o and am 
>elated. The
> scanner with the IR channel is such an improvement over the HP Photosmart.
> What I'm looking for is a primer on initial settings and a guide to workflow. 
> suggestions are appreciated.
> Kurt Simpson
> Editor
> Dual Sport News

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