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filmscanners: MDSD2

Hey guys,

Finally got my Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II back from the shop, a new
replacement actually. Seems to be working this time. The Italian's came
through okay. That's what I was worried about, as in the past I've heard
quite a few horror stories about stores in Italy who won't exchange faulty
goods. But as it's turned out okay, then in good faith, I'm now happy to
give the dealer a plug:
If you're ever in Rome, Italy and need a good, well-stocked, pro-oriented
photography or digital imaging dealer, go to -

Fotoforniture Guido Sabatini
Via Germanico, 168/a
Tel: 063207278
Fax: 063210304

They also have a website at:


though it's difficult to pull any solid information about stock or prices
off this site.  Anyway, visit if you're in town. Their prices are a little
weird - Incredibly expensive for some things (over book price!!), but really
bargain priced for others. My Minolta was about 25 percent less than it
would have cost me in England, so they do have some good deals. But they do
have a huge stock (lighting, everything) and a separate digital department.
They supply the local movie industry (at CineCitta) too, so it's the closest
thing you'll find to B&H in Rome, as far as I know.

Incidentally, I'm getting a little sick of having to type the whole of
'Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II' each time. Sort of a mouthful that you
wouldn't have thought was very good for marketing purposes would you? Either
I save it in autotext, or else let's start calling it the MDSD2 huh?

What I'd really like to know now, is if the question that someone asked last
week on the list has been aswered yet, about which way up the negs are
supposed to go in the DSD2 film holder. The manual booklet says emulsion
side up, the pdf manual is diffrently worded but even more emphatic about
putting them in emulsion up - yet logic says it should be emulsion side
down. Which is it?



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