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filmscanners: OT: copyrights

Please don't think this is an ego-trip, because it's not.

The accompanying attachment is a "practice-picture" I did 20 years ago. As I
recall, the "source material" I used was a magazine ad--for Colgate, I
believe. If anyone on this list *is* or *knows* the photographer, I would
like to thank him/her--the kid reminded me so much of a neighbor's little
girl--who I never had a good chance to paint--that I just had to do this

I had so much trouble getting this neg into a "reasonable" presentation that
I'll make another post about that. My question, for those of you who *are*
professional photographers, is whether or not you think I'm wrong for doing
a watercolor painting from your very good work.

If anyone's interested or piqued by the question, I'll sit back and read
your answers. Off-line would probably be more acceptable to Tony--we've
given him enough "stuff" in the last two weeks to last a less-patient man
half a lifetime! :-)

Best regards--LRA

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