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Re: filmscanners: Best value sure thing scanner...

Kurt: If you are only going to be scanning 35mm cut negs or slides, the Minolta 
Elite is a great scanner... I was going to buy a Nikon Coolscan LS2000, but my 
pro store (pictureline in Salt Lake City) recommended the Minolta, and they 
sell Nikon
as well... I use the Minolta software, it is user friendly, you get a SCSI card 
the scanner, it is a fairly easy install (you do need to be careful about the 
IRQ for
the SCSI) and the scanner has digital ICE which virtually eliminates my 
problems with
dust... It will give you a 2820 DPI file, which translates to an image of about 
12.5 x
9 or so at 300 DPI output, maybe a little larger... I do a TWAIN import direct 
PShop (I bring the negs in as 16 bit linear files and invert in PShop), and the 
16 bit
fiule size is a little over 50 megs... The scanner is quiet, reliable and gives 
sharp images with a full tonal range... anyway, that's my 2 centavos...

Mike Moore

"Kurt Simpson (Dual Sport News)" wrote:

> There are a number of important factors you need to provide for anyone
> to give you a reasonable analysis of what will be good value for you.
> 1)  What platform are you using
> PC...
> 2) Does your system support SCSI or USB or Firewire? (Firewire isn't an
> issue yet with film scanners, but will be soon)
> I have both SCSI and USB...haven't used Firewire yet but I imagine it 
>involves a
> card
> 3) What type of films are you using?  Color or B&W, transparency or neg,
> mixture of above?  What speed films (grain aliasing might be an issue).
> I can choose as all of the images are used in printing a magazine for 
> enthusiasts. Currently we use Fuji Provia or Sensei at ASA 100 even though we 
> the magazine in BW. We use 35mm but suffer on cover shots as we don't have 
> room for cropping...I have 21/4 x 21/4 but haven't used it yet...
> 4)  Do you care more about speed of scan or quality, or must you have both?
> Quality only...
> 5)  COST!  How much do you want to spend... a major factor when speaking
> about value.
> Less than $2,000
> 6)  Do you shoot panoramic images (non-standard 35mm frame sizes)
> no
> 7) What do you like or hate about your current scanner?
> Dust...lack of definition in the shadows
> 8) Do you tend to spend a lot of time fixing dust spots, dirt and scratches?
> Time is something I don't have a lot of but the spots, dirt and scratches 
>must be
> fixed
> 9) Do you scan many faded/older color images?
> Seldom but occasionally the only photos available are of poor/older quality
> All these facts will enter into which unit would best fit your needs.
> Otherwise, its a bit of mindreading.
> Art
> Thank you Art
> Kurt Simpson wrote:
> > You know I've spent a lot of time lurking on this list and I wonder if the
> > experts could give a bit of a gift to those of us who are beginners but want
> > to put our feet down on solid ground with a good purchase choice. I have an
> > HP S20xi Photosmart that is on the blink and ready for replacement. Is there
> > any consensus on the list concerning a very solid well-priced unit or units?
> > Perhaps one that benefits very well from Vuescan ?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Kurt Simpson
> > Editor
> > Dual Sport News
> >
> > I've been holding out for the new Nikons but am wondering after hearing of
> > the focus problems on the most recent models...


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