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Scanning dpi and epson papers was Re: filmscanners: Repro house skirmishing (long)

Art wrote:
> When I mentioned to the Epson rep at Comdex that the names
> of the papers were ridiculously confusing, he looked at me
> like I was from another planet

What's worse is that the price lists don't include the gsm or thickness
of the paper.  That would at least help to separate the "photo weight" papers
from the "photo quality" but lightweight papers.  Most of the photographers
aren't at all interested in lightweight papers, I expect.

Obscanning: What dpi do people scan at?  I scan on the LS30 at 2700dpi then
change the dpi in the file without resampling before I print.  Do others
scan at 300dpi (say) for the print output resolution?  This isn't possible
AFAIK with Vuescan, but it is with Nikonscan.


PS No arguments abuot dpi vs ppi please - I'm talking about the labels used
in the software not what is "technically correct".

Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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