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RE: filmscanners: Neg film for scanning

Interesting; but these daylight movie films are relatively new and came into
being long after places like Seattle Filmworks were offering respooled movie
film.  Thus, my question still remains concerning their not mentioning that
their product needed to be shot under tungsten lighting.

I am sure that this information that you have introduced will be of more
interest and possibly use to Richard than myself.

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You may want to check out this link for the latest and greatest from Mother
Kodak as far as 35mm motion picture stock goes... this particular link is to
250 ASA DAYLIGHT neg stock...


Mike M.

Laurie Solomon wrote:

> >Sorry, drifting off topic.
> Never a problem with me - especially if the information is informative or
> interesting.
> I hate to sound stupid; but I want to check and see if you mean what I
> you mean when you speak of CN in relation to film.  Are you speaking about
> chromogenic negative? All the movie films that I know of are tungston
> which always left me wondering why places like Seattle Filmworks and
> who sold the respooled tails of those films never made a point of saying
> that they needed to be shot under tungsten lighting.


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