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Re: Scanning dpi and epson papers was Re: filmscanners: Repro house skirmishing (l

In fairness to Epson, the full technical specs of all their papers is 
available on their various national web sites.

But to be honest, I don't think they make a paper you would describe as 
photo weight. Epson printers have relatively straight-through paper paths, 
but they still have a limit on the weight of paper they can reliably feed, 
even one sheet at a time.

If you really want something chunky and weighty, why not get into mounting 
or even laminating?

As far as your scanning ppi question goes, a little run through will 
answer that.

If you scan a 24x36mm negative or slide at 300 ppi and then print it at 
300ppi, what will be the size of the resulting picture?


You need a MUCH higher scanning resolution than printing resolution 
because you want to print the picture at a much larger size than the 

A 2700dpi scan implies a 9x magnification factor, so your 300ppi print 
will come out at 216x324 mm, or slightly larger than A4.

A 4000dpi scan will allow you to print at 320x480 at 300ppi, or a bit 
larger than A3.

So always scan slides and negs at the best resolution you can get.

harper@wordweb.com (Rob Geraghty) wrote:

> Art wrote:
> > When I mentioned to the Epson rep at Comdex that the names
> > of the papers were ridiculously confusing, he looked at me
> > like I was from another planet
> What's worse is that the price lists don't include the gsm or thickness
> of the paper.  That would at least help to separate the "photo weight" 
> papers
> from the "photo quality" but lightweight papers.  Most of the 
> photographers
> aren't at all interested in lightweight papers, I expect.
> Obscanning: What dpi do people scan at?  I scan on the LS30 at 2700dpi 
> then
> change the dpi in the file without resampling before I print.  Do others
> scan at 300dpi (say) for the print output resolution?  This isn't 
> possible
> AFAIK with Vuesc, but it is with Nikonscan.
> Rob
> PS No arguments abuot dpi vs ppi please - I'm talking about the labels 
> used
> in the software not what is "technically correct".
> Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com
> http://wordweb.com


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