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filmscanners: Re: Scanning dpi and epson papers

>Obscanning: What dpi do people scan at?  I scan on the LS30 at 2700dpi then
>change the dpi in the file without resampling before I print.  Do others
>scan at 300dpi (say) for the print output resolution?  This isn't possible
>AFAIK with Vuescan, but it is with Nikonscan.
>PS No arguments abuot dpi vs ppi please - I'm talking about the labels used
>in the software not what is "technically correct".

For files that I'm going to print on my Epson 1200 I scan at the Nikon's 2700 
dpi, hi bit using vuescan.  Then open the file in Photoshop crop further if 
needed (and perform any other editing).  At this point I scale the file to 
desired print dimensions (no resampling) and look at the document size 
resolution in pixels per inch reported by photoshop in the images size dialog 
box.  If this value is between 240 and 180 I leave it as is and print.  If it 
is greater than 240 but not greater than 300 I'll consider resampling to 240 
depending on the image content.  If it's over 300 I resample down to 240.  And 
if it's less that 180 I give some serious thought to whether or not it will 
give a useful print (some do depending on image content).

Bob Shomler


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