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RE: filmscanners: OT-ish Epson 1270, was Repro house..

While on this off-topic :), are many of you using the (dreaded!?) 870/1270 
Epsons in a semi-pro or pro role, and have you or clients experienced those 
fading problems?  I want to move to A3 width, and can't afford much more 
than the 1270..

Yes, I realise this is slipping off-topic, but my visits to the Epson lists 
and various highly opinionated web-sites have been not-very-helpful.  I am 
hoping to hear from film-scanning folk with real experience of the problem 
- if it still exists - rather than hearsay.  Feel free to direct responses 
to my address rather than clutter the list.

Thanks, Mark T.

At 06:20 PM 25/03/01 -0600, you wrote:
>That is very useful information.  I have seen packages of EPGPP in the
>stores with "new" and "improved" stickers on them;



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