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RE: filmscanners: OT-ish Epson 1270, was Repro house..

Mark wrote:
> I want to move to A3 width, and can't afford much more
> than the 1270..

You might want to give serious consideration to an Epson 1160.  I bought
one just recently.  You can fit them with a CIS which makes ink costs much
lower (I can't afford one at this stage with the AUD so low against the
USD) and allows the use of 3rd party pigmented inks.  Even with OEM, the
4 colour inks supposedly last longer in general than 6 colour inks.  I could
supply some print samples if you're interested.

For more info go to www.leben.com and subscribe to the Epson inkjets mailing
list - preferably the digest as there's *heaps* of traffic.  Interestingly,
while that list tends to stay on topic, there seems to be a lot less useful
information. ;)

Obscanning: I have yet to try printing at A3, but do those who have printed
at A3 from 2700dpi scans find the scanning resolution adequate?  I was intrigued
(and a little depressed) to read Tony's recent comment that the aliasing
at 4000dpi was much less than at 2700dpi.  I'll bite the bullet in the next
few days and actually try an A3 print.


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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