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RE: filmscanners: Neg film for scanning

I don't believe that Seattle Film Works were the first in that business. The first I heard of were RGB Color Labs in Hollywood, CA. I used them for many years, and they did send back a box of slides, a roll of negatives, and a new roll of film. So far as I know, they still do that, @ about $7.50 for a 36 exposure roll, with Kodak EastmanColor films of ISO speeds of 100, 400 and 500, user's choice, same price. The price was certainly right for what they give, and the slides provide a 'proof' image for the negatives if you wish to print them. Other labs have joined in the business since then, and the Seattle firm has been most aggressive in advertising the consumer byproduct.  RGB mainly process the film, and make transparency prints from the negatives, for the movie industry. I always found them straightforward in all our dealings.
At 03:42 PM 03/25/2001 -0600, you wrote:
Aren't they the ones who bought 35mm movie film tails, respooled the 35mm
movie film ends into canisters of 24 and 36 exposures, and then resold the
35mm canisters to the public via the mail.  The net result was that you had
to use them for processing because no other knowledgeable lab would
knowingly process the film because it has a backing that would come off in
their processors and was damn near impossible to clean off.  The film had to
be processed by cinema labs who had special lab machinery to strip the
backing off the film prior to processing.

If I remember correctly, they would send you back prints and slides from the
same role.  I do not recall that they would send back negatives.  They were
also known for being one of the first to send the images back via the
internet if requested and put them on CDs.

If I am correct, the movie film that you would get back in the form of
transparencies would have had a hardened emulsion so as to resist scratching
which might come from its original usage in movie projectors at commercial
movie houses.  I somehow think you will have a hard time discovering a
canned profile for this film and will have to either produce such a profile
yourself or have a custom one made.

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Mark:  Re:  3M film.

According to the people at Photo Works (used to be Seattle Film Works)
negative color film is made by 3M.  I have used them for some time with very
good processing results.  (The are one of the US houses that develops and
prints film and if you wish will return a roll with the negatives and
prints.)   After I bought VueScan, I asked the company so I could match
film to the VueScan profiles.  I found out that the film was 3M, and since I
also receive slides from them, I found that their slide film is made by


"Mark T." wrote:

> I didn't think 3M were still in the 35mm film business.
> MT


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