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Re: filmscanners: storage

Tony Sleep wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Feb 2001 19:39:41 -0800  Arthur Entlich (artistic@ampsc.com) wrote:
>> Doesn't this speak volumes about where one finger can be pointed. 
>> Thanks for this, I'm gonna track down Gears.
> www.gearcdr.com - but be warned, it is a disconcertingly strange piece of 
> software (though early-version Vuescan users will feel right at home ;-) I 
> a fairly old version, 4.1 ISTR - pre v4 was almost incomprehensible. It is 
> possible to make it fall over by doing things in a sequence it isn't 
> But it does work well, so I've stuck with it. I have done test burns of CD's 
> from data being pulled across the LAN and without making a virtual image 
> which is a completely ridiculous thing to try. The buffering coped just fine, 
> but Gear seemed to hit a bug when trying to close the disk. Later versions 
> have fixed that.

Thanks for this info, I will take heed.

> Nero also has many fans. Adaptec has a much nicer UI but seems to be the 
> leader in consumption of blanks to no useful effect.

Nero doesn't get along with my system when I need to extract info from 
more than one CD disk source (at least, I haven't figured it out!) even 
if I just want to collect the info onto the hard drive as an image 
first.  Adaptec probably has partial ownership of some CD disk 
companies, so every coaster is money in the bank ;-)

Speaking of leaders leading us astray... Corel has stopped all 
production on Linux products.  They will, for now, continue to sell 
those they have produced, and will shortly sell their Linux division. 
They claim they will spend their efforts on getting their current 
products (Corel Draw, Paint, Word Perfect and the Meta products) into 
more hands and working better on Macs.  Then again they also claim 
they'll be in the black (as opposed to a black hole, as they currently 
are) by year end ;-)

Apparently the US Dept. of Justice is looking into the MS Corel 
connection for possible further violation of anti-trust legislation, in 
regard to the Linux sale.



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