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Re: filmscanners: storage

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001 19:39:41 -0800  Arthur Entlich (artistic@ampsc.com) wrote:

> Doesn't this speak volumes about where one finger can be pointed. 
> Thanks for this, I'm gonna track down Gears.

www.gearcdr.com - but be warned, it is a disconcertingly strange piece of 
software (though early-version Vuescan users will feel right at home ;-) I have 
a fairly old version, 4.1 ISTR - pre v4 was almost incomprehensible. It is also 
possible to make it fall over by doing things in a sequence it isn't expecting. 
But it does work well, so I've stuck with it. I have done test burns of CD's 
from data being pulled across the LAN and without making a virtual image first, 
which is a completely ridiculous thing to try. The buffering coped just fine, 
but Gear seemed to hit a bug when trying to close the disk. Later versions may 
have fixed that.

Nero also has many fans. Adaptec has a much nicer UI but seems to be the market 
leader in consumption of blanks to no useful effect.


Tony Sleep
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