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RE: filmscanners: OT: How to reset Epsons with "chipped" cartridges

> As I see it, the only time the ink levels need to be written to the
> cartridge is when it is removed from the printer.

Possibly, but I doubt it, and the procedure outlines on the URL does not
indicate one way or the other that this is the case, nor does it matter (I
don't believe)...what matters is it knows when the cartridge is changed, and
that it reads the 'new' cartridge when it returns the head to the right.
Whether it writes it back to the replaced cartridge at any time may or may
not be true.  My guess is it is.

> ...it makes sense that somewhere along the line the
> printer has to inform the driver of the ink levels.

Of course, but that has nothing to do with maintaining the levels, only
reporting them.

> This info could be saved on the system.

I do not believe the PC saves anything, it only gets static information from
the printer.

> However, if Epson was concerned about a software hack cracking their
> system, they might, as you suggested, have gone for a more hardware
> intensive solution, which indeed might have required the info being
> written each time the system (did you mean printer) is shut down or at
another interval.
> Then, perhaps the method this guy uses is to trick the system into
> re-writing to the chip that it is full after pulling the switcheroo
> from the full OEM cartridge to the refilled cartridge.

Bingo, that's how I think it's done.  Easy to test.  Take the less than full
cartridge, after it has been 'made full'...and remove it, and replace it
with a not full cartridge...print status monitor will? report half...then
replace it with the 'made full' cartridge and see if it reports full...

> Personally, I just think you are jealous that you didn't figure out this
> trick yourself. ;-p

It is a very good trick, and I couldn't have figured it out...I don't have
any chipped printers yet ;-)

Thanks for the info!


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