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Re: filmscanners: evolution (was Nikon 8000 ED or Polaroid Sprintscan 120 ??

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001 18:33:31 -0700  Michael Moore (miguelmas@qwest.net) wrote:

>  There is a BIG market out there for a good quality, reasonably priced
> scanner that will meet pro needs.. 

Ah, but the market determines the price. Why would a manufacturer charge less 
than they can achieve? A cheap pro quality scanner is therefore tautological. 
The same goes for Nikon F5, EOS1v, sundry Leicas and Contaxes etc. Of course I 
wish they were $200 too... 

However, as with cameras, mid-market filmscanners may start to acquire extra 
bells and whistles to entice buyers who aren't as interested in long-term 
durability or best-possible quality, but rather the overall blend of 
attributes. The profusion of brand new acronyms might suggest filmscanner 
marketing is already headed down this well-worn path. It's a sign of a maturing 
market where technological advance has rather reached a stalemate, or at least 
adequacy for the market, and is a standard way of making your products seem 
superior to rivals of otherwise equal performance.

I think all the current generation filmscanners are, at a hardware level, 
basically competent and capable of good results in the right hands. That's why 
I think the donated-Q60 review methodology is past it's best-by date. When I 
started doing it, just about every scanner was grossly different and incapable 
of anything approaching neutrality. That has changed - like SLR's they're all 
pretty damn good now, and preferences come down to features, ergonomics, 
software and useability. And of course price.


Tony Sleep
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