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[filmscanners] Re: Trying to track down a problem

Hi Jim,

I use AVG on all my systems now, and it seems to be working well.  I
also do Spybot and Adaware scans every week or two, and use a double
firewall (hardware and software) and I have disabled my email client
address books from the beginning, all in an attempt to keep thing clean
as I can, but I do understand there is no such thing as 100% security
these days, as there are now trojans and viruses out there that are
stealth.  There is one apparently that has been out there for a year or
more that has not successfully been detected because it has some method
of mutation that they has not been able to stop or keep on top of, and
it is stealth and sends off information like account numbers and credit
card info to Russia and elsewhere. I received this information on a
computer program on CBC radio, which is usually a pretty accurate
source. They interviewed a number of security experts about it, who were
quite concerned at the infection rate they have encountered and no, this
is not an April Fools day prank. (Is April Fools Day Pranking something
done outside of the US and Canada, BTW?)


James L. Sims wrote:
> Art,
> I have not received anything like this from the filmscanners list, or
> from you.  I have, however received at least one message, recently, from
> a local individual that was several years old - similar, I think, to
> what you described.  I called the individual to help troubleshoot the
> problem and the first thing I found was that his antivirus had not been
> working for quite some time.  He was getting a message from McAfee
> stating that he needed to "verify" his account and decided it was just
> another attempt by CA to sell him something.  I hear this a lot (verify
> your account) from McAfee  subscribers, lately.  Most of these
> individuals are in their eighties and did not warm up to the computer
> age until the mid to late nineties, or later.  About the only time they
> call me is when they encounter a "Blue Screen" or something else that
> stops their computer from functioning.  I have started recommending that
> they cancel their McAfee account and download one of the free antivirus
> application, such as AVG.
> I don't know what is causing these strange e-mailings, unless it's a
> worm.  I do not believe this is occurrence is unique.
> Jim

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