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[filmscanners] Re: Trying to track down a problem

On 01/04/2008 Arthur Entlich wrote:
> I have emailed him to ask him if
> he was ever a member of the filmscanner list, and for the message
> source
> header information, which I am waiting to see, but in the meantime, if
> anyone else on this list has received an unsolicited email from me
> coming from my email account, rather than this list (that would be
> from
> artistik(at)shaw(dot)com), please email me, if possible, with the full
> header., so I can try to determine what is going on.

At what address did he receive this mystery email? I'll check the list

ISTM there are only two possible mechanisms:
1. He's subscribed and received the mail from this list and didn't realise
2. Your machine is compromised by a virus/trojan, some of which propagate
by sending random old emails along with attached infected files to
addresses in the Windows Address Book.

As you say, the headers should make the routing clear.


Tony Sleep

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