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[filmscanners] Re: was: RE: SS4000 & ...now: mean people suck

Just to be clear, I did not apply a stereotype to a nation, or 'all' of
anyone, anywhere.  I did apply a theory of cultural bent toward some,
based upon my experience to date.  I did not say "all brits I have dealt
with did...  something".  I did say that almost exclusively the people
who have been rudest to me have been Brits.  There is a difference.
 From "scanning" through my emails and postings and the responses (see,
I have been doing some scanning ;-)) that situation seems to have held
true.  I'm not suggesting others aren't just as disapproving of me or my
posts, just that they didn't express it in such vitriolic terms or at
all. ;-)

Speaking of stereotypes, ironically, I know that some of the people who
wrote those messages to me did so, in part at least, due to my germanic
last name, complete with referring to me as Herr Entlich.

OK, I'm done on this subject, also.


lotusm50@sprynet.com wrote:

>I will say but one thing one this.  For context, I am an American who
>lived in London for 5 years.
>I think it is a mistake, and quite unfair, to apply a behavioural
>stereotype to everyone of a particular Nation.  All the British are not
>one way, and all the Americans are not another way.  There is tremendous
>diversity of behavior and attitudes across both populations.  Certainly,
>different cultures have different modes of socially acceptable behavior
>- and on average (if you will), communication styles in England (not
>necessarily applying to Scotland, Wales or Ireland) tend to be more
>indirect (this is well documented in cultural/sociological research).
>That said, the offending statement had nothing to do with that. (it was
>quite opposite from, really).  Being familiar with both cultures, I find
>nothing about it as being commonly acceptable behaviour in either
>culture.  It was rude and insulting, and obviously burst out from some
>bottled-up, mounting frustration.  It was entirely a personal reaction
>(over-reaction, really) of the poster, and one that seemed to come of of
>nowhere with no recent context (at least to me).  It had nothing to do
>with being British -- certainly nothing to do with any notion of
>National elitism, and the reaction had nothing to do with being
>American.  I think we are much to quick to assign negative behaviours
>that we experience as being characteristic or a particular nationality
>or ethnicity.  Rather than trying to couch this in National or cultural
>terms, we should be counseling the offending poster in anger management.

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